Learn more about social networks and visualization
Name Description
Jonathon Cummings Academic Bibliography of Social Network References
Lin Freeman Graphic Imaging Sourcefor Social Network Analysis
David Krackhardt KrackPlot: A Social Network Visualization Program
Lothar Krempel A Gallery of Social Structures
Carter Butts Toolsfor Social Network Analysis
Noshir Contractor I-KNOW - Inquiring Knowledge Networks on the Web
Valdis Krebs InFlow - Social Network Analysis Softwarefor Organizations
INSNA International Network for Social Network Analysis
UciNet Social Network Analysis Software
University of Konstanz Visone - Visual Social Networks
Vancouver Network Analysis Social Network Analysis Software and Bibliography
StOCNET Advanced statistical analysis of social networks
GVF Graph Visualization Framework
JUNG Java Universal Network/Graph Framework
Pajek Package for Large Network Analysis
GraphLayout JAVA for Social Networks
Graphviz Open Source Graph Drawing Program
NetMiner Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization
MAGE 3-D Scientific Illustrations of Molecules
MovieMol Molecular Display and Animation Program
TouchGraph Visualize networks of Interrelated Information
AGORA Visualization of E-mail Community
Otter Tool for Topology Display
aiSee Graph layout software with algorithms
PieSpy Inferring and visualizing social networks on IRC
ReferralWeb Search and explore social networks on WWW
VisualComplexity Visualization of complex networks
GUESS Graph exploration system
SoNIA Social Network Image Animator
NodeXL Network extension for Microsoft Excel